Rescue -Transport – ICU
  • High-end multipurpose 5G Transport Ventilator
  • Equipped with a powerful & noise-free turbine to ensure constant ventilation and fast heat dissipation
  • Innovated for all kinds of patients Adults, Pediatric and Neonatal
  • Compact Design
    The color touch screen and knob simplify the operation, interactive interface with large fonts, convenient for clinical operations. It can store 5000 log records. Its a compact size & lightweight can carry with a single hand.
  • Comprehensive
    Designed for pre-hospital like rescue site, transport and in-hospital Intensive Care Units in all acuity levels clinical operations. T6 Ventilator is IPX4 Waterproof & Weather resistant can work in tough environment.
  • Smart & Intelligent
    Innovated with cutting edge technology offering Intelligent modes like dynamic lung, recruitment maneuver (RM) tools , P-V tools etc.
  • Smart CPR Mode
    Clear visual & audible CPR instructions as per AHA & ERC latest guidelines.
  • Fully Portable
    Its ready to move with a trolley for in-hospital or intra-hospital patients transport, ensuring seamless respiratory support at all the times.
  • Transportation
  • ICU
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